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Coldpack was born in 2003 when French entrepreneur, Charles-Henri Lehideux, purchased an American patent for an inflatable insulating material.

The technology, initially developed in the 1990s in the USA by the American laboratory Lawrence Berkeley, was then industrialised in 2000 by Cargo Technology Inc. For the expedition of perishable goods. It offered an alternative to polystyrene; the most commonly used insulating material. Manufacturing and retailing of the Airliner in the USA began in 2001. "Cargotech" soon had a loyal client base, completely satisfied with a less bulky thermal packaging that could maintain the cold chain.

Coldpack, won over by Cargotech’s innovative idea, purchased the European patent in 2003 in order to have the product manufactured locally.

At the end of 2005, having expanded both in the USA and in France, Coldpack purchased all the Cargotech shares in order to pool resources from both companies. Coldpack SAC was born. Coldpack continued to develop its product range and its Airliner technology... The Dupont de Nemours Group, next in line to be won over by the idea, began working to fine-tune the production process at their European R&D centre.

At the end of 2008, Coldpack began production using the DuPont de Nemours manufacturing process in a second factory in Germany. The Airliner is today manufactured at two production sites; in San Diego and in Münster.


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