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Airliner Technology

The Airliner is an insulating, inflatable film. It is made up of two layers enclosing a honeycomb structure that prevent the transfer of positive and negative calories by minimising radiation, convection and conduction.
The Airliner’s volume is primarily made up of the air or gas used to inflate it.
The Airliner is manufactured from Surlyn®, a resin produced by DuPont de Nemours.

What formats are available?
- The Airliner replaces all types of existing rigid foam structures (polystyrene or polyurethane), it is inflated to create different formats of thermal packaging of variable diameters: Cool boxes, pouches, cool bags, panels...

For which sector?
- Agro-alimentary industry
- Pharmaceutical industry

... or any other sector requiring quality insulation

How is it used ?
- Used alone : an insulating protective barrier against external temperature fluctuations
- Used with a coolant : thermal insulation for a programmed cold chain

Advantages of the Airliner:

Variable insulation performance
- The Airliner offers three degrees of insulation performance depending on requirements and the external environment: initial, standard and advanced.
- For an equivalent thickness and budget, the Airliner is a far more powerful insulating material than those currently available on the market.

Natural protection
- The Airliner’s inflatable, flexible structure acts as a cushion and protects your products absorbing physical impacts during transport and handling.

Transport savings
- As the Airliner is light-weight and transported flat, its use significantly reduces transport costs. It can also be delivered pre-inflated to facilitate use.

Warehousing space savings
- Stocked flat the Airliner also saves money in warehousing costs. It occupies only 4% of the space required by a rigid foam box

Packaging that respects the environment
- The Airliner requires only 35% of the raw materials used to produce a rigid foam packaging of the same dimensions. Its light weight and small volume generate energy savings. (source Pira International, August 2007).

- The Airliner can be reused, however, at the end of its life time it can be deflated, flattened and easily disposed of using the traditional waste circuits. Unlike many other insulating materials it does not require a specific waste treatment


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