Galaxy Desserts, Inc.: Leading national marketer and baker of single serve and full size gourmet desserts for the retail, wholesale, catalog, foodservice and e-commerce markets.

Frozen Desserts

Located: San Rafael, California
Services: United States

Benefits from AirLiner:
  • • Reduced Freight Charges
  • • Warehouse space savings
  • • Performance Allows Year-Round Shipping
  • • Marketing Distinction

"Before we would even consider changing, AirLiner had to keep our desserts frozen just as well as the styro boxes we have used for many years. We did the testing and it showed why we should change!"
Jean-Yves Charon
Founder & Pastry Chef, Galaxy Desserts

There is no doubt that Galaxy Desserts has rocketed to the top when it comes to All Natural Individual Gourmet Desserts. It has only been 4 short years since founders Jean-Yves Charon, Paul Levitan and Danny Rubenstein joined forces to create a gourmet-baking powerhouse. Located in upscale Marin County, California, the company has been honored with numerous awards and is featured by pastry chefs nationwide as well as by America's leading catalog marketers. They are successfully implementing an aggressive 5-year growth plan, even in a slow economy. To support their branded "star-quality" product line, Galaxy has focused on maintaining stylish yet functional, standardized packaging. All of their products ship frozen by airfreight to preserve the high quality of the desserts. As a result, their choice in insulated packaging is a key decision.

Space Limitations and Year-Round Shipping Drive Packaging Switch
Galaxy's kitchens and subsequently their warehouses are in full swing during the demanding holiday season. The warehouse space overflows with foam boxes and lids creating a logistical nightmare. "We don't have a large kitchen and warehouse and in our season it gets really cramped. Space is really a problem. AirLiner is a huge space saver," reports Jean-Yves.

By contrast to the hectic winter months, the overnight shipping of products came to a halt during the 3-4 hot summer months each year. Concerned with the performance of their previous molded-foam and dry-ice packaging method, Galaxy could not ship during the summer. By switching to AirLiner and replacing dry ice with low temp gel packs, Galaxy is now able to ship year-round with confidence...and without a Hazardous Material label.

With AirLiner, Galaxy is also able to significantly reduce their freight charges, making it a very cost-effective solution. "We pay a little more for AirLiner than for the old foam boxes, but AirLiner is light and it is better insulation so we save on the weight of our boxes so our FedEx cost is way less." remarks Charon.

Galaxy Makes a Smooth Transition to AirLiner
A number of factors contributed to Galaxy's decision to switch to AirLiner. "Before we would even consider changing, it had to keep our desserts frozen just as well as the styro boxes we have used for many years. We did the testing and it showed why we should change. Your product held the temperature and would save us space," explained Jean-Yves.

As a brand-new high tech packaging technology, AirLiner also offered Galaxy a distinct marketing position. Not only would the company reap the many benefits of the latest in insulation; but this would also support their upscale image and the perceived value of their products. "AirLiner looks as good as it performs, that means a lot when we are delivering products direct to consumers via catalogs or our website!" commented Charon. Plus the transition from foam to AirLiner was easy. Jean-Yves told us that, "My main worry was that inflation would take too much time. We learned that inflation did not take too much time at all, especially when you factor the daily deliveries of foam that we used to have."

About Galaxy Desserts, Inc. Galaxy Desserts have been featured on the covers of many Neiman Marcus holiday catalogs, and are available in the bakery cases of select grocers in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle and Chicago, as well as through premium foodservice distributors throughout the country.

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